3 Old School Sneakers That You Can Rock Today

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Some people end up looking old just because their natural fashion inertia led them down that path, while others consciously seek out the dad look. Lucky posers can simply raid their dad’s wardrobes, but the rest of us can start by copping their favorite shoes. See if your old man owned any of these classics:

Nike Air Monarch IV

Let’s start with the old-school MVP. Chunky shaped, super ’90s detailing. You can totally see where the new shoes of today took their inspiration. One of Nike’s best selling shoes as well! Highly recommended to wear it with white high socks and shorts.

New Balance 991

This is Steve Jobs’ favorite. New Balance 991 come in varying shades of grey and browns. Despite NB becoming a known brand, they’ve kept these unchanged through the years and now, and now somehow become fashionable in their own way.

Asics Gel Lyte V

With a name like “Gel Lyte,” this shoe was obviously a product designed for an older era—before hype and exclusivity led to pastel colorways and speckled versions. But to achieve that awesome Dad-look, we stick to whites and gray.

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