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As a small business hoping to grow, there’s nothing more important than your branding. “The Secret Weapon of a Business” in this world of high consumerism. A strong brand is vital to getting you on the right track.

Professional appearance creates credibility and trust. People likely to purchase from a business brand that looks polished and legitimate. So how do you create the perfect branding? Here are some tips:


Assuming you have a brand name and a logo, the next logical step is to hire a good signage provider to build a sign that will make your business stand out on the streets. Check out the types of signage the companies in your niche makes as you can spend a little if you can secure 1 signage provider and you wont have to change every time.

Branded Clothing

From t-shirts to polo shirts, to caps and more, it’s never been more affordable to have branded clothing for your business. Employees with branded clothing are more likely to build good relationships and rapport with other members of staff. It gives a sense of unity. Having your company logo in with your employees will build team players and the company will benefit in the long run.

Customers will also get to notice and identify your employees by seeing your brand either on their shirts, cap etc. Printing these material doesn’t cost that much.


Surprising and unfortunate how many small businesses in the Philippines still don’t have a website. Creating a website literally brings your business to the online world, and opens it to more potential customers. A website serves as your physical store in the world of digital era.
Not all start-up businesses have the capability to put up a website. Good thing On The Map offers free listing business directory that allows your profile to serve as your website.

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