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Blogging is an important tool to increase online visibility for small businesses. While using free platforms such as Blogspot and are easier and quicker to get set up, its still better to host one that is either under your own domain or one that shows up under your business landing page. For example, your blog should be under your own domain for traffic to go to your website. It also helps SEO when search engines crawls your blog posts that are under your domain.


The best way to do this is use WordPress to manage your blog. Its a CMS that is made for blogging and website content creation. Depending on your current site’s platform and technical set up it may be easiest to hire a 3rd party web development company to set one up for you. Though this will present a one-time cost up front if small businesses consistently blog then it easily repays itself over the long term. Good thing that On The Map Business Directory accepts blog posts where you can write something about your business listing and they will link it up to your uploaded listing.


Depending on your activity, the more frequent you create new content or post blog entries, the better. Search engines tend to prioritize websites that continuously post new contents for its visitors.

Digital marketing continues to grow. Its importance and influence to small and start-up businesses are becoming more and more too. Blogging, outside persistent social media posting, is the most important tool your business should have to thrive in this digital era.

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