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Google says that 97 percent of costumers do online search on what and where to purchases before going to the store. You may have a website to draw those consumers, you should be taking advantage of the business directory listings that are being crawled by major search engines. Claimed listings will help you increase your online presence. Not only will you show up in search, you can collect reviews for your products and services. Some directories like On The Map links your listing to your social media sites, and may serve as your website too.

Some of these business listings might have already listed your business from public info. Only if you claim them, you can customize and fill up every necessary info for your business.

There are a number of business directories. There are free and premium ones. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have their own business directories. There are sites specific for reviews like Yelp. There is 1 directory site that will let you do both while having your own website-looking listing, check out On The Map business directory.

Directories like Yelp and Google Places allow users to review the businesses listed. So you should be checking back at the listings profile you create to monitor reviews or ratings.

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