Client report: Be BAGgressive

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Be BAGgressive sells Marikina-made bags. They have no website to showcase their items and only relies on Facebook for their marketing tool. We knew they need Google to give them a lift. So they did.

A well optimized GMB makes a difference

After a month of optimization, their search visibility on Google jumped by 48%. They are now also enjoying increased map visibility on Google Maps with a whopping 91% increase.

Be BAGgressive Bags Store - Marikina Bags for Sale in Cainta

They wanted to drive traffic from customers who reside in Rizal looking for Marikina-made bags. Potential customers who search Marikina bags for sale in Rizal now sees them at no.1. You bet being number 1 is not a bad thing.


But did it convert to sales?

After a month of optimization, their GMB profile was able to generate 2 visits to their Facebook fanpage. (Clicks from their GMB profile to their website, for this instance, its their Facebook fanpage). Customers also saw their photos on Google 53% more compared to the same sellers in Google.

So did it convert to sales? Oh are you expecting an answer?

Well that is private business details and they not obliged to share it with us.

But what we can share with you is, they are now more visible on Google compared before. And their potential customers are now also coming from Google, a world outside Facebook.

Size or years of operations of your business doesn’t matter. Your business needs to be on Google. Start Today.

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