Do you need a business listing for your business?

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You might be just starting, or you’re just reselling products. You might be just offering typical services. Does not matter how small or common it is. You will need a website for your brand.

But you do NOT need to spend for a website if you can not afford it now. You can get a business listing instead.

The new telephone directory

Just think of Google as the newest, biggest, most popular telephone directory of businesses. Imagine your business info being ABSENT on that humongous list of brands and services.

You can change that. For free.

Business listings will do that for you. There are numerous websites that offer business listings in the Philippines. But only On The Map offers the best customization and presentation of your business profile.

You may express your business identity THE WAY YOU WANT IT.

Not about getting leads

Having a business profile outside social media platforms is not just about getting leads. Its about letting your customers find you. Its about showcasing your business to potential customers.

products and services

You know that business listings only “list” your contact numbers, short business information and some photos. That’s it. So how can I showcase my brand and my products / services?

That is why On The Map is not your ordinary business listing. OTM brand listings will let you upload Products and Services listings AND assign it to be under or related to your main brand.

Steps are also simple that you can finish the process in just around 3 minutes. You do not need to know any coding or web designing knowledge. 

So, do you need to have a business listing? Its a YES.

But you don’t just need a business listing. You need On The Map’s business listing.

Start Today.

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