Get your business visible to Grab and Waze

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Looking for a pick up point or drop off area in Grab? Your business can show up on the lists to choose from.

Waze is under Google, that is why

Google Bought Waze For $1.1B, Giving A Social Data Boost To Its Mapping Business

Google has indicated that Waze will remain independently run. For now. You never know when Google may decide that all of that data and the features of Waze should just be swallowed up inside of Google Maps.

It’s difficult to imagine Google killing off Waze. It’s too good at what it does, and offers a superior navigation experience whose primary benefit is that it is focused solely on driving. So even if it evolves into Google Maps: Driving Edition, I imagine the best features are going to stick around.

If you’re wondering how to choose between the two, suggestion is to keep them both around for awhile and let them play to their strengths. It’s one of those situations where you really have to live with something to see if it’s right for you.

As long as Google can use the data from both of them, there’s no harm in two mapping apps.

So if your business is verified on Google, it is visible on Waze, and if its visible on Waze, it is on Grab:

Google Maps Integrates Uber, Grab

Whether using an iOS or Android device, Google Maps now has a dedicated tab with information for ride services Uber and Grab in addition to car, public transportation, or walking options. So when you are leaving for work or meeting a friend, you can easily compare options to find the fastest way there, without having to open multiple apps.

In addition, if you are using Google as your default search engine, you can also pull up the same menu of ride sharing options whether you are using the Google Search app or just your mobile browser.

Simply asking for directions to a place, and you will see a tab for ride services complete with fare estimates and pick up times if a car is available near you. If you have voice command installed, you can simply say: “Grab taxi/car/bike to Manila airport” or “Uber to Manila airport.” You can then select the preferred service and it will automatically direct to the ride sharing platform of your choice. Imagine how good this is for your business IF potential customers can see your business right away when they are looking to go to your location or on a location near you.

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