Gwyneth Paltrow Launches “Holistic” Fragrance With No Artificial Ingredients

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Gwyneth Paltrow showed us how to live. Now, the Oscar-winning actress-turned-lifestyle guru wants to teach us how to smell. “Fragrance which I’ve used up to this point is actually really at best not transparent at all and at worst very toxic,” she told Elle. She’s absolutely right. Since fragrances are covered under intellectual-property laws, neither the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency nor the Food and Drug Administration require companies to disclose the chemical makeup of their scented products. As a result, “fragrance” has become a catch-all term, one that can mask a raft of chemicals with links to cancer, hormone disruption, and reproductive abnormalities. A self-professed fragrance fanatic, Paltrow had but one recourse: make her own. Together with scent designer Douglas Little, the Goop founder is concocting a series of fragrances, which she describes as not only “sophisticated, complex, beautiful” but also “completely non-harmful.”

The fragrance will also be available in the form of a candle. “One of the most amazing things about all these barks and herbs and things that grow in nature is they all have, from the mystical point of view, healing properties,” said Paltrow, who launched organic skincare and makeup lines with Juice Beauty earlier this year. There’s a reason Paltrow has made it her mission to green our vanity tables. “I really believe that women need to understand what is being put in their beauty products and their personal care products,” she said. “Every woman deserves to have beauty products that are incredible, luxurious, have amazing efficacy, whether skincare, bodycare, haircare, and fragrance. I want to be wearing something that’s good for me.” And if we’re being completely honest, who doesn’t?

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