How to Add Your Business

Getting your business listed on the best business directory in the Philippines can be done in 4 easy steps.


Search for your business.

We may have added your listing for you, so you may check our current listings. If you found your business, you may claim ownership of that listing. If not, then its high time to add your business through Add Your Listing!


Add your listing.

Add your business here. You will find options of what type to add; local brand, products and services, events, and real estate.
Select this if you have a local business or a local brand. After approval you may add your products and services via the PRODUCTS & SERVICES listing.
Select this if you sell products or services without a specific business name. You can also use this type of listing to upload your products and services if you already have an approved LOCAL BRAND LISTING
If you have upcoming events or recurring promos for your business, you can upload them using this listing. You will need an approved LOCAL BRAND to be able to use this listing type.
If you are a developer or real estate agent, use this section to post property (e.g. house and lots, apartments/condo units, commercial spaces) that are for rent or for sale.


Fill in the details

There are some fields to answer for your listing details. The more detailed your listing is, the better chance it has appearing in searches. Listings with complete details and specific addresses get to be submitted to Google Maps easily. Please take note that submitted business listings with insufficient or inconsistent details may be denied or unpublished.


wait for approval

Once approved, you will be able to share your page with your fans and encourage reviews to your brand, Boost your listing to the top of search results, get found on Google easier and much more.