How to claim your page

We added several local area businesses and brands to the On The Map platform because we want people to find your business.

take control of your page

Even though we’ve added your business we made it super easy for you to take control of your page by claiming your free. Business owners can claim their page for free and then have access to page analytics, boosted listings and much more.

If you locate your business and want to claim your page, here’s how you can to do it.


Search for your business.

After finding your page, click on it and it will take you to your main page. From there, you will find a “Claim Listing” button (you may have to scroll to the right to find it.)

Click the Claim Listing button.


Claim your page.

Find the search bar in the upper part of your screen. (Upper left on the desktop and upper right on mobile.) Type in your business name and wait for the results.


IF your business does not show up, find the “add listing” button and create your new page.


wait for approval

To ensure that your business listing is claimed by the true owner or authorized user, we require an approval process. The easiest way for us to approve claimed listings is that you use a COMPANY EMAIL on your On The Map account.


Take control.

Once approved, you will be able to share your page with your fans and encourage reviews to your brand, Boost your listing to the top of search results, get found on Google easier and much more.