How to Increase Diesel MPG with Hydrogen Conversion

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Diesel mileage is a hot topic right now considering diesel fuel prices have been tough on everyone especially diesel drivers and semi owner/operators. Diesel drivers are looking for solutions – from diesel chips to additives and diy hydrogen conversion kits. So how can you increase diesel mpg with hydrogen conversion?

Well, total hydrogen conversion is not completely practical right now due to lack of hydrogen stations for fueling – however, there are thousands of people using hydrogen in their vehicles right now as a supplement to gasoline and diesel. This type of hydrogen conversion in effect turns your vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid. You can build it yourself in a matter of hours. The hydrogen gets mixed with gas or diesel to provide increased horsepower and better diesel mileage.

To do a hydrogen conversion, you need an comprehensive guide to safely and correctly install a small container (or 6-pack for increasing a semis diesel mileage) under the hood. This container uses water and baking soda, plus the electricity from your battery to break down the water into hydrogen molecules that your engine can then use as a fuel supplement. This process is also known as electrolysis, brown’s gas, or hho – the contraption being called a hydrogen generator.

Basically, the hydrogen gas then gets sucked up into your air manifold via the engine’s vacuum where it mixes with diesel or gasoline to increase combustion, and your engine’s efficiency. Hydrogen conversion works on injection or carburetor systems, and you don’t have to mess with the computer. There’s no need to make any engine alterations and the system is easily removed, for instance, when you want to resell your vehicle.

If you poke around some auto forums, you’ll find a great deal of debate surrounding hydrogen conversions. Some say it won’t work. But it’s hard to argue with actual results. We found a guy on cnet that improved diesel mileage from 17 to 24 mpg in town in his Dodge cummins diesel.

There are many expensive kits being sold online for hydrogen conversion. You can spend 10000’s of pesos for a hydrogen injection kit, or you can purchase detailed manuals online that explain exactly how to complete a hydrogen conversion, and do it yourself with parts you can pick up at your local home improvement store.

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