How to make your business appear on Google search for FREE

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By this time, you might have used Google a thousand of times. And you should have realized by now how important it is for your business. Ever wondered how will you make your business show up on Google search results?

The first thing you should do after you start a business

Right after taking care of all the legal paper works, there is 1 thing you should be doing next for your business.

Brand Visibility.

Ask yourself: How can you let the people know your business? How can you reach your customers?

People can’t buy on a store they don’t know that exists.

Facebook is not enough

People may find you on Facebook first, but a first time customer will check you on Google to see if you are ‘legit’.

So you have to be on both Facebook and Google.

Outside of social media, you need to get your brand be listed on the world’s largest and most used directory that is Google.


Having a website makes you searchable on Google and visible to people who are searching for your products and services.


But here comes the problem of many start-up businesses. Building a website may be out of their budget range.

Good thing there are numerous options that will make you appear on Google. The best one is to have a good business profile on the best business directory.

Business profile on a web page

You can find a number of business directory sites that cater Philippine brands. But you can never find one that serves your business better than On The Map.

On The Map will give you a mobile friendly, SEO compatible business profile in less than 3 minutes. You will not need any programming or designing skills. Just fill out all the information you can answer.

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