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Fight COVID-19 by placing Himalayan Salt Lamps in your room since they are the best natural air purifiers.

Now that we are spending 24/7 inside our homes during this lockdown and self-quarantine, it is a very good investment to protect not just you, but your whole family.✨🧡

Here are other health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

✔️ Improves sleeping
✔️ Increases blood flow
✔️ Improves your mood
✔️ Improves breathing
✔️ Reduces stress
✔️ Increases energy levels
✔️ Reduces asthma symptoms
✔️ Boosts serotonin levels

We are making it more affordable to reach more homes. 😍

It is recommended to have 1 salt lamp per room and beware of fake ones! 😏

We ship NATIONWIDE. ❤️

DM us for orders! Happy Shopping! 🧡

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Address: 24 Sampaguita St, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
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