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Everyone Deserves a Stylist.

Stylist in Pocket is a team of personal stylists who enjoy helping people find their best individual style for free. It’s the first-of-its-kind and is at the forefront of rising Fashion Technology in Asia.

We are a top Uniform Supplier in the Philippines and aims to uplift the quality of lives of thousands of Filipinos by helping them present themselves better for work and their community while saving them time and money. With free professional advice, the whole dressing up process becomes enjoyable, most of all, our clients can now spend more time on their family and friends.

We have helped thousands of people from different walks of life, industries, and life challenges through free practical dressing advice. We operate on individuality, strength, and character to help people discover their own style.

Our dream is for everyone to have to a stylist so that they can be the best that they can be, all the time.

Stylist in Pocket has two main services:

Corporate Uniforms- Numerous local and multinational companies trust Stylist in Pocket to create a hassle-free solution for their workwear and uniform designs. Each order is customizable to the business’ needs and budget.

Corporate Gifts and Promo Gitfs and Giveaways – Stylist in Pocket now offers beautiful and unique corporate gifts as well as promo gifts and giveaways for your team members and clients. Items can be personalized and customizable with logos.

Corporate Styling Webinars – Aimed at uplifting the lives of employees so they can spend more time with their family and friends, Stylist in Pocket can educate and style corporate teams and groups for free. A few of the popular learning Modules are Corporate Do’s & Don’ts, Power Dressing 101, and Image Development.

PPE Philippines – As a trusted PPE supplier in the Philippines, we have supplied Branded Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs to help corporations ensure employee safety while establishing their company identity at the same time. All the PPE items we offer can be customized for corporate or foundation needs. We have supplied PPE items to many happy entities that use these well-curated gifts to give to their own employees, clients and partners, as a established PPE supplier.

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