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We are a solutions company, made out of solutions-finders ready to make a difference in the world of digital by providing real value solutions to real problems.

Our Story
In 2014, two friends, Kirby Gonzaga and Dwight Santos, took on a challenge – to create solutions for real-world problems using digital.

From years of working for different media companies, ad agencies, and publishers, Dwight and Kirby knew well the challenges that these companies encounter online. Frequently, digital was treated as a “budget” way to get results, or as an afterthought, not as a way to solve problems. They wanted to make digital a simpler, and solutions-oriented process that aims to solve problems, not create new ones. With that vision in mind, Kirby and Dwight, joined by a few brave souls, started Thirty One Digital Media Solutions, Inc.

In the years since, Thirty One Digital grew from a small 5-man team which started out banner ads and websites, into a group of passionate solutions-finders 40+ strong. Together, they worked on a wide array of projects as they encountered clients with different problems that can be solved creatively through digital. Through analyzing the data and providing real solutions, 31D has made exceptional growth with its relatively young team.

Our Culture
With the mission of creating genuine digital solutions to real-world client problems, Thirty One Digital fosters a culture of solutions-finding. Instead of finding someone to blame, we deal in solutions, not problems.

Thirty One Digital works to create a company culture that gives room for our team members to grow. We want every person on the team to be able to think outside of their role and identify real solutions. By giving them opportunities to be real solutions-finders, we were able to help them find ways to expand their skills, build their own passions, and help out causes that matter.

We solve problems through design and marketing.

Address: Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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