3 Ways to Leverage the Growing Local Mobile Market for Your Franchise or Retail Business

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Most accessed website from mobile devices is Google and Google reports that one third of searches from mobile devices are driven by local intent.


Google’s Director of Mobile Advertising revealed that one-third of all Google searches via the mobile web pertain to some aspect of the searcher’s local environment.

Local Search trends on Mobile Devices are ideal for Local Businesses, especially Retail Stores, Franchises, Service Businesses, Restaurants and Hospitality companies.

Google is hard at work optimizing advertising platforms to leverage the increasing pertinence of “local-intent” in a substantial chunk of all mobile searches. Yahoo is also chasing Local Search Advertising.

But you don’t have to pay to play in this emerging marketplace. All you need to do is appear at the top of the search engine results.

Emerging mobile usage indicates that customers are actively seeking the products or services your franchise or retail business provides, using mobile devices.

So, what do you need to do to take advantage of this growing trend?

1. Create a mobile-friendly website.

Have a unique responsive site created for mobile devices. Social Media profiles are important, but its not enough or even close to enough. You need a profile or a landing page outside social media, and On The Map answers that need.

2. Follow best practices for website development.

If you were able to put up a website, make sure that it is following the guidelines for basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like being mobile friendly, reader-friendly, and quick to load. On The Map listings checks all of the boxes.

3. Promote Mobile exclusive events

Implement Coupons – Promo exclusives for mobile tends to give your customers or potential clients to go mobile and check your site. On The Map allows businesses to upload events that is exclusive for OTM visitors.

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