Market your business in Social Media in a pandemic

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We are now experiencing the first pandemic under the digital age. And no one prepared a social media marketing plan for these times.

We’re diving deep in social media and helping our clients go through this difficult time. No one knows the dos and don’ts in social media during this unprecedented time, but here are some ways to keep your business afloat in social media platforms.


Let your social media followers know that your business is aware of this pandemic, if you haven’t done it already. Post updates on how this will affect the business as usual and how this will change business as usual. If lockdown and curfew’s going to change the way your business runs, say so. Customers need to know about your business hours, deliverables, output for each day, etc.


Check in with your customers / followers. Ask them how are they doing. Ask about their mental health too. Uncertainty during this pandemic is so high, and we need to connect more to our customers. Provide information about local mental health talks, post comic memes if possible, or anything that can serve as a distraction away from this unprecedented times.

Provide updates about your employees too. Post about how your company adjusted to cope up in safety procedures required for a business. This is the perfect time to showcase your company’s concern for your employees and customers


Be sensitive. It’s not business as usual. Even if your business is not affected in terms of operation, your customers are not business as usual. They’re likely stuck at home, short of income and on the edge.

Running ads on social media or Google? Acknowledge the current crisis in your ads. Your customers are highly likely to click it if it looks like your ads are current.

Jump on every possible way to gain a step ahead of your competition. You might not need a pandemic to do this. But this is the best time to have 2 steps in front of your closest rival. Get your business visible outside social media. Have your business profile listed on the best business directory for local brands in the Philippines.

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