Marketing Tips Targeting Local Search

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The internet is a vast tool to advertise your business and reach your customers. But most instances companies, especially the start-up businesses, target a specific location or area only. So in that case, you have to apply some local search marketing tips to reach your target audience.


Here are some quick tips that can make your business dominate your local area:

List your business

List your business site into various local directories and search engines. Search for local directories online that have options of listing sites links of your social media and website. It adds a big help to your local customers in reaching you. On The Map is the best business directory to start with.

Collect Reviews and Ratings

If you have a website or a business profile page, list them on websites that allows reviews about your products or services. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and promote good ratings. On The Map listings accepts and verifies reviews and ratings for its business listings.

Location is the key

Remember that most of the searches include locations to their searches. So adding locations to your keywords or title targets your local customers.

Have a mailing address

Your website should contain your mailing address. This adds to the fact that you have a physical address or you have a location in your target local area.

Get listed

Ensure that your profile is listed on search engines. You don’t need to have a website yet. Just make sure you have a business profile that will serve as a landing page for all of your social media links and NAP (Name, Address Phone).

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