Marketing via Web Directory Listing

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There are many ways to market your business.

The conventional ways are newspaper or magazine ads, billboards, yellow pages, flyers, brochures, and other physical ads placement – which are good. But problems show up if your business doesn’t have the latest tech in putting up ads – web retail stores, blogs, and e-commerce sites.

Consider this – for a fraction of your marketing budget – some are even free – you can attract MOST of your new customers through the Internet.

Types of Internet marketing

  • Professional online marketing services – For a fee, you can get your online ads be handled by a team of social media marketing professionals.
  • Directory listings – Free and premium directories are the typical directories used to market your business.
  • Paid blog post services – you can have your business featured by bloggers or promoted by influencers.

Out of those methods, the best and affordable way is through business directory listing.

Types of business directory listings

  • Free business directory listings
  • Premium business directory listings – for a fee, you can get your site listed. The fee can be recurring – usually monthly – or one-time fee.

Benefits of going to Premium / Paid business directory listing

There are thousands of free directory listing – why would I spend on paid directories?

  1. They charge for premium because that have PREMIUM services – they are legitimate and promote themselves heavily – and promotion doesn’t come cheap.
  2. Their visitors are not from organic search results alone – they get visitor traffic from multiple sources
  3. Premium directories “weed” out old or inactive listings, have options for listings to be claimed and verified, and have more professional look compared to free ones.

On The Map Business Directory is business listings site that is being promoted continuously to both free and paid directories to ensure search engine visibility and the directory’s quality. Business listings also can enjoy a personal web site feel on their listing profile. On The Map also offers custom layout premium that will make you choose or create your own layout for your business profile.

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