Mini Businesses Are Booming!

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There are a lot of lessons this pandemic taught us. Save money as much as you can, Family always comes first, tomorrow is not a guarantee and many more. One of the lessons that this pandemic taught us is to be resourceful and release your inner skills. From cooking to baking, buying and selling stuff to delivery services. Small businesses are booming!

Because the people can’t go out and buy stuff, a lot of people are doing something just for them to earn. A lot of mini businesses like cooking meals, creating milkshakes, milkteas and iced coffee, baking cupcakes, loaf cakes and such and the usual merienda you get in your area but much more options. Problem is, there’s a lot of supply but the demand is still the same. Another concern is, a lot of people are in a No Work No Pay status which results in not having a lot of customers for their businesses. They don’t have salaries from their work, then no money to use to buy food.

Even though this is the case, it didn’t stop a lot of business minded people to still start their mini business. It doesn’t matter if they can only get a profit of Php 100, Php100 is still better than nothing on any given day. So, if you know someone who started their mini business, support them by buying the products they sell, use the services they offer or just refer them to other people you know who might need their service or want their products! Let’s help each other and let’s thrive to a better tomorrow!

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