Online Marketing tips for Small Business Owners

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Start up businesses always have this unique challenging on how to cope up with the big market companies in their niche. Not stopping there, small businesses have to compete against what seem like never ending budgets and massive marketing and sales teams.

Fortunately, these start-up businesses might be small by they are quick to adapt in these modern times. here are are some tips on how to do online marketing for small businesses:


You might be a small business now, but it should not stop you from giving a professional vibe to your customers by having a good website to represent your business. But it doesn’t stop there. Make sure your business is search engine friendly.


Owners should take advantage of free online business listings offered by websites such as Yellow Pages and On The Map. This work many ways for you. One is for the search engine can find more links about your business. Two is prospective customers can easily find you when they visit online business directories. On The Map is a business directory for Philippines that can also serve as your website if you have none yet.

Blog and Content Creation

Aside from your typical social media posts, you need something to show your customers and potential clients that you are active. Blog entries and New contents are the way to go. Maybe the most valuable way to increase online visibility for small businesses is to start a blog on your site and do it regularly. There are plenty of site that you can use. One of them is On The Map’s blog where you can send articles about your business and get linked to your business listing

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