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Sometime next year, hopefully, everything goes back to its old self. Businesses that got really affected by this pandemic goes back to its feet, jeepneys will start roaming around the metro again and students flock by the residential area to look for a dormitory for them to stay in while they are taking classes. Some parents are looking for budget friendly dormitories and some parents that have money to spend, are looking for places where their kids can stay comfortably. Where whatever their kids need and want are already there. A new type of real estate is taking the industry by storm! These real estate properties are called Condormitel.

What is a Condormitel?

Condormitel is a type of Real Estate that is a combination of Condominium, Dormitory and Hotel. Basically, it’s a condominium unit, turned into a dormitory where multiple people can live in their respective living spaces and a Hotel where the company takes care of the unit, the common area and even the maintenance of the units.
These condormitels have amenities which a student would want to have in their home. Amenities like Lap Pool, Gym, Gaming Room, Conference Room, Chapel and even a Study lounge. These amenities are there for the students’ disposal, anytime they want.
Lap Pool
Lap Pool
They can take a dip in the morning before going to school, use the gym for their fitness in their free time and stay in the student’s lounge if they just want to chill with their friends.The comfort and exclusivity that students or any tenants want to have in their dormitories are already available in these condormitels.


Condormitel types of properties started early 2010s. One of the known condormitels is University Pad which is located in Padre Ocampo St., Malate, Manila.
This is a 12 storey residential condormitel that can cater 700 tenants. The first floor is for commercial space which the tenants may need in their day to day activities.
This condormitel has been a home for a lot of students of De Lasalle Taft, St. Scholastica and College of St. Benilde since 2011. The condormitel business has been a success ever since it started in 2011. And due to a very high demand for this type of property, JNJ Summithill, the developer of University Pad Taft, built another one that is located in P. Campa St., Sampaloc, Manila. That is the University Pad 2.
University Pad 2 has been built in the year of 2014. It serves the students of FEU, UST and a lot of various review centers in the area. They’ve been operational since then and they’ve been successful in providing great quality of service to its tenants and a very “homey” feel in their respective unit.

Demand and Supply

A lot of investors have been asking the developer if they can be part of the said business. They’ve seen the business operated and it has been a success and they would like to be part of it! So, the developer, JNJ Summithill, opened another line of condormitels that is open for public investors, like you! That is the University Home.

University Home Lacson

First time to open the project to public investors, JNJ Summithill built a 37 storey high residential building located at Dos Castillas corner Piy Margal st., Sampaloc, Manila boasting 2972 beds in total.

University Home Lacson
With state of the art facilities, University Home is already ready for the students to go back to school and have University Home their home away from home. With RFID secured turnstile and facial recognition, security of all tenants of University Home has never been this good!
And of course, University Home would also have the same amenities as the University Pad is offering.
University Home Recto

University Home Lacson is already on its last stretch. Target turn over date of the project is in January 2021. University Home is already ready for the new normal and always open for improvements for any concern that the investors and tenants may have in the future.

University Home Recto

Summithill Realty Corporation, a sister company of JNJ Summithill, is the developer for the latest project of University Home. This time, it is located in the heart of University Belt in Manila, Recto.

university home recto

Being in the center of all the schools in University Belt, University Home Recto got the best location for a dormitory business! Schools like University of the East, San Sebastian College, Far Eastern University and San Beda College are some of the big named universities near University Home Recto. You may compare other real estate listings in this directory.

Catering 2952 beds in total, University Home Recto is going to be the home of almost 3,000 students studying in one of these prime schools. Aside from it being in the center of University Belt, it is also just:

-1 ride away going to Divisoria

-Walking distance to the nearest LRT Station (Recto)

-Near to all necessities of students like








University Home Recto

University Home Recto has already started its construction phase in the first week of October 2020. Target turnover date of the project is by December 2024.

The units have been designed by professionals to maximize the space of a unit. Fully furnished units that have built-in beds, cabinets and tables are what the investors can look forward to by having their own unit. They don’t need to hire anyone to redesign the unit or even buy anything the tenants may need.

The types of unit University Home Recto is offering are:

21sqm unit (4beds)

University Home Recto

And 35sqm unit (8beds)

University Home Recto

Value is the one thing that University Home can assure our investors that they will get. A state of the art facility combined with one of a kind business concept, University Home don’t have anywhere to go but UP!

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