Residential House Construction Cost in the Philippines

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Parameter cost per square meter of a Residential building

Bare: P15,000 per sq.m
Standard: P25,000 per sq.m
Luxury/High End: P35,000 per sq.m
Rough Estimate/Lump Sum Estimate/Ball Park Figure
STRUCTURAL o ang Building Shell (footing, poste, biga, pader, bubong, mga nakaabang na tubo at conduits pero wala pa kuryente) halos nasa mga 14-15k per square meter.

Hindi masyado magalaw ang presyo nito kumpara sa Finishing kase Basic Materials lang ang mga gagamitin dito tulad ng buhangin, semento, graba, bakal at kahoy pamporma.

FINISHING (pwede mo na tirhan ng kumportable) mas wide ang variety ang mga materyales na pwedi mong pagpilian dito kaya may tatlo tayong madalas na ginagawa:
1.) Economic Finish nagrerange sa 4k to 6k per square meter
2.) Typical Finish nagrerange sa 6k to 8k per square meter
3.) Elegant Finish 8k pataas per square meter
For Example:
180sq.m Floor Area Two Storey Residential
Estimate = 180sq.m x (Structural + Finishing)
Estimate = 180sq.m x (14,000php + 8,000php)
Estimate = 180sq.m x (22,000php)
Estimate = 3,960,000php


Question: How do you know the total floor area if you don’t know how much you want to build? ‎
‎Of course you depend on the budget and you need to, but if you have 125 sq.m TOTAL LOT AREA and you plan to build a home offset 125 sq.m lot, the ideal is 40% of the total lot area that will be offset by 60% for Building foot print, so if you’re a two-storey house you plan to build:
Total Floor Area= 60%x125x2
Total Floor Area= 150 sq.m Total Floor Area for a Two-Storey Building
‎Take note that we should have this offset or setback from your lot property line specially if your lot is location near the highway, so your property is safe with the Law of Eminent Domain if you have any road widening
Total Construction Cost is different from Total Project Cost
Here is a simplified example on how to determine the Total Project Cost of a 150 sq.m Residential Building (Assume natin na standard):
Total Project Cost= Total Construction Cost + [Design Fees, Professional Fees & etc.])
Assume that Design, Professional fees & etc. is 10% of the Total Construction Cost
Total Project Cost= Total Floor Area x 25,000×1.1
Total Project Cost= 150×25,000×1.1
Total Project Cost= P4,125,000 TOTAL PROJECT COST

Therefore for a 150 sq.m Two- Storey Residential Building it will cost you approximately P4,125,000 take note na hindi pa kasama dyan ang landscaping and gate/fence.

Beware of scammers, always keep in mind that it is more likely too good to be true, if it is a way more than the other contractors are offering you? you should be suspicious, it could be a scam or baka tipirin lang ng contractor ang house construction mo.

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