Solar Panels in the Philippines

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What are the types of Solar PV systems available in the Philippines?

1. On-grid Solar – generates power using a solar power system and are directly connected to the utility power grid. Cheapest option. A set-up can lessen your electricity usage with the support of electric provider. But once the main grid goes out, you can not use this as an alternative.
2. Off-grid Solar – The solar PV systems, which are not connected to the utility grid and use a battery bank to complement solar power. No electricity usage during daytime, 50% electricity bill savings. Can still be used on blackouts, but high maintenance is required.
3. Hybrid Solar – generates power in the same way as a common grid-tie solar system but use special hybrid inverters and batteries to store energy for later use. This ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to also operate as a backup power supply during a blackout, similar to a UPS system. Best option among the choices.

A 3.9Kwatts Off-grid Solar System Set-up costs 260k which can cover 1.5hp inverter aircon, 1 inverter Ref, 3 TVs, 2 laptops, 1 monitor, 3 electric fans, 1 inverter washing machine , 20 lights.

**Note: You need to compute the wattage of all your appliances so you will know what solar set-up fits your needs and budget as well. If you don’t know how to compute, the installer will compute for you.**

Our 3.9Kwatts Off-grid Solar System set-up comes with 1 inverter 5Kw, 10pcs 290w solar panels, 4 batteries and some cables and breakers. Solar set-up has low maintenance and long life span, 10-20 years.

Tip: If you plan to invest on any Solar set-up please research well, join on Solar related groups. Ask whatever questions in your mind.

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