Step into the Digital Age

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For Gen Z, the digital world is second nature. But how about for the businesses owned or being run by people who are not used to this advance technology?

On The Map breaks down and makes it simple for the not-so-tech junkie readers to understand the digital marketing strategies and how they can help your businesses thrive in this evolving landscape.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is optimizing your website’s on-page and off-page activity so that search engines will recognize your website, list you in search results related to your keyword. The SEO world is not for the faint of heart. There are clean and dirty ways of doing it. And with the competition in the online world, it could get nasty anytime.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of acceptable and effective SEO strategy providers out there.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app is like a MUST already for every business especially if you offer digital services. Mobile use have overtaken desktop use and its not slowing down. Having an app will strengthen and broaden your branding.

Social Media

You can not run from it. A business today definitely needs to be in the social media. You need to reach your customers, and they are all on social media platforms.

You need to be in all platforms as much as possible, but you can not be excelling in each of them so you have to use each wisely. Many businesses will do well on Facebook, but others lend themselves far better to LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. YouTube can also be the best way.

Have a Business Landing Page

We can call it a website, but not all businesses can afford one. Good thing there are business directories where you can submit your business profile and can serve as your landing page. On The Map Business Directory is the best business directory our there when it comes to showcasing your business profile without having an actual standalone website.

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