Taytay Tiangge Map

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Bazaar. Bazaar. It’s nearly 3 month’s since we last went to a bazaar. Christmas is coming; and it seemed that the shopping spirit will have dissipated with the ebbing of festivities. It indeed was true, maybe, at least, for some; but not for long, as we eagerly await this weekend’s urban Bazaar in Taytay Tiangge.

What may be in store for us, is heating up. Trips and vacations need to be scheduled soon. The sun has to be enjoyed. We prefer to look at the “bright side” of things. Others might opt to holler El Nino, drought, power shortages, and curse everything under and about the sun.

Whether it’s for your own needs for reseller use or for pasalubong hunting, the abundance of goods and wares will fill your shopping appetites. Prices vary from dirt-cheap to for-tourist ranges. It’s a must to go around and make a scan for comparisons. Bargaining and haggling works in most stalls.

Run out of cash? There are ATMs in strategic areas; and some establishments accept credit card payments.

Eating is a fun activity/adventure you will look forward to doing every time you shop at Taytay Tiangge. Though a lack of printouts like a Taytay Tiangge Map of sellers, your wandering feet will bring you there.

Shopping in Taytay Tiangge is a great family shopping and bonding event to look forward to.

Let’s enjoy the summer. Let’s enjoy this bazaar. Happy weekend, and happy sunny days!

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