The best dressed stars in 2010

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Mariah Carey in the pudding-Look, Britney Spears with scruffy hair extensions or Amy Winehouse in outfits that roll from which the breasts – from the stars we are used to fashion now so technically some low points.

The best dressed stars

Countless celebrities reach by and regularly show up in outfits that are anything but beneficial. But even if you forget sheer Mariah and Britney’s sometimes: They still exist, the VIPs who have style and are just always dressed well – and have now been recognized by the “People” magazine.

Best Fashion in 2010

Here, the “People” magazine has declared, however, no ranking, but voted the best dressed stars in various categories – including every celebrity has its own style. Jennifer Aniston enjoys about mainly through simple, yet stylish fashion. Diane Kruger on the other hand, is more daring creations and looks as if it had come straight from the catwalk on the red carpet. But both have one thing in common: no matter where they are scans, they always look good. As might Britney and Mariah abgucken quite a bit.

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