Tips for building your new kitchen

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1.Have your gas range built in

Instead of buying gas range and have it built in. Buy stainless single plate with 2 burner and have it built in with the space measuring 2 biggest frying pan or wok apart so when you cook at the same time there is enough space in between which you can’t do in gas range 2 big wok or frying pan at the same time.

2. If you don’t use it everyday hide it.

Too many appliances on your kitchen top makes your kitchen looks cluttered and crowded.

3. Keep 'everything' kitchen cabinets.

Keep your plates, utensils, cooking essentials inside your kitchen cabinets.

4. Limit your kitchen appliances.

Don’t buy kitchen appliances if you will not really use those. It does not only keep your kitchen minimalist and clean, it will also save you money!

5. Keep only a number of utensils

No need to have 10 sandok, overflowing na kutsara/tinidor, too many kaldero and kawali, baso, plato etc. Buy based on the size of your household. When on big occasions, chances are you will buy disposable plates, kutsara and tinidor or you’ll get catering, so when buying extra plates and cutleries for guests keep to a limit. But if you are on zero waste and you want to buy more plates and cutleries (just in case) keep them in your storage and bring them out only when needed.

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