What are the best alternatives to Ebay?

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What are the best alternatives to old business directories? Just recently, the world’s largest online auction house eBay was a fee adjustment attention.


In most cases, these changes are marginal and concern mainly a business seller. The latest message is aimed primarily at casual users, however: from 13 June 2011 there on the German auction site a uniform contribution of nine percent. So far this graduated depending on final price of the auction, the higher the price, the lower the fee. In future, the nine-percent rule uses both magazines less than ten euros, and in expensive designer furniture over 5000 €. In total the charges by the changes in some categories by up to 70 percent.


This rapid rise in prices led many users to search for alternatives. Is there a similar auction site for knitting patterns, allowing more favorable transactions? The answer is “yes.” Having great competitors like Offerto and Ricardo have long since removed the sails, shot down in recent years repeatedly smaller suppliers out of the ground. This copy the “3,2,1 … mine” concept of the market leader, but in this case have a much shorter range and offer to the seller accordingly fewer potential customers.


In the recent tests were especially 2-1deins.de, cut and auXion Compendo well. The most comprehensive range of features and services, meanwhile, offers to Hood.de. This service has established itself well in recent years so that members and auction number to grow steadily. Meanwhile, some providers are looking for their fortune in the niche: The auction house red strawberry for example, specializes in media with a “down 18 ” release, such as 3D-shooter games and horror movies. The issue of security will, however, written in eBay greatest: According careful you should be by specifying sensitive data like credit card numbers, bank account.

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