Why use Window film over Blinds

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With one thin layer of window film you can simultaneously protect your family, save money and improve your safety.

At home or at work, window tinting helps cut the cost of your energy bills, reduces excessive glare, blocks out heat and increases privacy. Window films obstruct harmful UV rays, without compromising on light.

Available in a range of different shades, colors and thicknesses our window films provide the ideal solution even if you’re just looking for a stylish alternative to net curtains. The films are bonded to new or existing glass by our team of expert installers and come with long-term warranty for complete peace of mind.

Window films

  • Window film is an effective solution for  solar heat It blocks up to 99% of heat that comes from the sun
  • It is also equipped with 99% UV protection that prevents skin diseases.
  • It effectively reduces sunlight and glare.
  • Window FiIm is  easy to clean and practically maintenance free.
  • Removing it in your windows doesn’t leave any damage.
  • Window film doesn’t allow dust build-up unlike in blinds.
  • It provides security and privacy without blocking your view from the inside
  • It makes the glass stays intact during unwanted accident. Making the glass panels shatter proof.
  • For rooms and some areas in the house, window film is not effective for complete privacy
  • Window films aren’t as decorative as blinds


  • Provides Complete Privacy
  • Reduces glare and sunlight
  • Available in many styles that can complement your interior
  • Blinds are hard to clean since you need to remove the dirt one-by-one. It is also prone to dust and cob web build-up
  • Blinds gives the illusion of blocking the solar heat because it makes the room dim or dark. But in actuality. it doesn’t provide heat rejection to your windows.
  • Window blinds are also not built to block harmful UV rays that comes out from the sun

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