Wide-Leg Pants Are Making A Comeback—Here’s How To Wear Them

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Before we declare the comeback of wide-leg pants, we have to face the fact that they’ve never left us. Though they’ve been relegated to back-of-the-closet status, they’re still there, ready to embrace us back in to their roomy familiarity. Thankfully though, since 2015, they’ve been inching their way back into the fashion fore and have now become arguably the menswear trend of the moment

1) Proportions are everything and should be considered in totality. Wear a tight tee and you might be mistaken for the sixth member of the Spice Girls.

2) Fit is key, too. A little break can give you the relaxed, louche look, but too much will have you looking like you stepped out in the “before” pants of weight-loss pill ad.

3) Pleats are a trendy add-on to an already-trendy pair. Go for them. Knock yourself out.

4) So are pockets, but we advise against them for now. The same goes for checks.

5) Keep to these general ideas when sealing your fate: loose track pants, updated elephant denims or relaxed trousers. Wear as you would any other pair.

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